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    Brock Mechanical starts with a free water analysis from a certified lab.

    Whether hard water, bad smells, iron or rust staining, Brook Mechanical plumbers of Howell, MI have a wide range of services designed to solve your water conditioning problems.

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Why Choose Brock Mechanical?

If you're searching for a great company with years of expertise in water solutions, look no further than Brock Mechanical. As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on great customer service. Established in 1998, we have been serving Howell, MI, and the surrounding areas with quality services for all your water conditioning needs.

Free Water Test and Consultation

Every journey to cleaner, softer water begins with our free water test. This initial analysis from a certified lab helps us understand the unique challenges posed by your tap water. Whether it's hard water, bad smells, iron or rust staining, we've got you covered.

water softener installation
Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Customized Water Softening Design & Installation

Are you tired of dealing with the negative impact of hard water on your home and well-being? Issues ranging from clogged pipes and dingy laundry to skin irritations can make hard water a real nuisance. Fortunately, our certified water softener installers are experts at providing customized water softening solutions. We tailor our water softener services in Howell, MI to meet your specific water needs.

Ultra Pure Water

For those looking for the pinnacle in water purity, Brock Mechanical can install a Reverse Osmosis system (RO) that can remove 92-99% of beneficial calcium and magnesium. Say goodbye to impurities and hello to ultra-pure drinking water.

Remove Unpleasant Smells & Taste

No one likes to consume water that tastes or smells bad. Our backwashing carbon systems are highly effective at removing these issues, making sure your tap water is as pleasant as can be.


  • Licensed Plumber since 1998
  • Manufacturer trained and industry certified
  • Certified lab tested and designed

Water Softener & Conditioning Services in Howell, MI

Whether hard water, bad smells, iron or rust staining, Brock Mechanical offers a wide range of services to solve your water conditioning problems.

Hard Water & Staining

Sofeners & Ionizers

We employ advanced water softeners and ionizers that provide the finest water quality while operating efficiently. Their metered valves and on-demand regeneration ensure that your system is always functioning properly, helping you save money in the long run.

Remove Bad Smell & Bad Taste

Backwashing Carbon

Our backwashing carbon systems significantly improve the taste and also effectively dechlorinate your water. Utilizing two types of activated carbon, these systems are designed to remove a wide range of contaminants, ensuring your tap water is both clean and enjoyable

Ferric and organic iron reduction

Iron Filters

Iron in your water supply can lead to staining and unpleasant metallic tastes. Our iron filters not only remove these problems but also elevate the pH levels to healthy standards. All this is achieved in a chemical and maintenance-free manner.

Remove Bad Smell

Arsenic Filter Systems

Brock Mechanical offers an efficient and affordable solution to bring arsenic levels below the EPA's maximum containment levels. Our arsenic filter systems use a specialized media blend designed to reduce both Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5, making your water safer.

Ultra Pure Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis

If you're aiming for the pinnacle of water purity, Brock Mechanical has the perfect solution. Our 5-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are capable of removing up to 97% of all chemicals, leaving you with ultra-pure drinking water.

A full line of specialty filters

Specialty Filters

In addition to our standard offerings, we provide a full line of specialty filters, including germicidal ultraviolet-leaned filters and sulfur reduction filters. Regardless of your specific water issues, we have filters for all types of conductors.


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Sterling water softener is compact and powerful