• Backflow prevention is essential to the safety of the public water system.

    Having your backflow device tested annually is the first line of defense in protection against contamination.

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ASSE International Certified

Brock Mechanical specializes in residential & commercial plumbing segments of backflow prevention through assembly testing, repairing, and surveying.

Document Storage Compliant

We are compliant with federal, state and local document storage laws for backflow testing, repairing and surveying.

Installation & Service

We will service and install your backflow system to ensure contaminated water from the ground does not enter into your usable water, possibly resulting in disease or infections. 


ASSE Accredited

Backflow Testing Services in Howell, MI

Our experienced plumbers will assess the problem, provide an accurate quote and get it done right the first time. 

Assembly Testing

Backflow Assembly Testing
ASSE International Certified

Backflow Compliance Review

Sizing, installation of proper devices to ensure public safety and health.

Assembly Service

Negligence of service does harm to our public water supply.