Repair Or Replace My Water Heater: The Good Old Age Question And What You Should Consider

September 14, 2023
Residential water heater installation

Home appliances that provide us with warm showers, clean dishes, and sanitized laundry are invaluable, none more so than the water heater. Like any mechanical device, water heaters have a finite lifespan. Deciding between repair and replacement is often a difficult choice many homeowners face. Our water heater services in Howell, MI, can help guide…

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AC Energy Efficiency: How to Save the Most

September 7, 2023
air conditioner efficiency

Air conditioning can be an oasis in our homes and offices during the sweltering summer heat, providing cool comfort when needed. However, this comfort can come at the cost of both our wallets and the planet: air conditioners consume energy that increases utility bills while also increasing greenhouse gas emissions.  Fortunately, there are ways you…

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The Importance of Septic Tank Filter Cleaning: Why It’s Crucial for Your Home’s Health

August 25, 2023
septic tank dirty filter

Septic Tank Filter Cleaning is one of the vital aspects of household maintenance, often best handled by professional septic tank services. Unfortunately, this critical task is frequently neglected until something goes wrong. Many homeowners are unaware of the significance of maintaining their septic system, as well as the potential consequences related to it. In this…

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Sump Pump vs. Sewage Pump: The Best Choice for Wastewater Management

August 17, 2023
sewage pipe

Managing wastewater is an enormously complex challenge in both residential and commercial properties, especially in places like Howell, MI, where sewer cleaning is essential. A daunting decision that often arises is choosing between a sump pump and a sewage pump. Although both types of pumps are used to manage wastewater, their mechanisms and purposes differ…

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Preventing Shower Drain Clogs: A Guide for Homeowners

August 10, 2023
shower drain repair

As a homeowner, one of the most common household issues you might encounter is a clogged shower drain. A clogged drain can be inconvenient, messy, and costly to repair. However, by taking proactive steps, you can easily prevent shower drain clogs and maintain a smoothly functioning plumbing system. This comprehensive guide will provide you with…

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Guide to the Most Common Tankless Water Heater Problems and Their Solutions

August 1, 2023
worker repairing tankless water heater

Discover the most common issues with electric and gas tankless water heaters and their solutions. Learn how to maintain and troubleshoot efficiently.

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