• Brock Mechanical services all of your residential plumbing needs with upfront pricing and guaranteed workmanship.

    We pride ourselves on designing and installing quality plumbing systems to match your budget.

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New Construction

Building a custom home can come with numerous surprises, but let Brock Mechanical eliminate the need to worry.

With our track record of high-quality workmanship, we can install your plumbing system or help you choose the best plumbing fixtures for your home, townhome, and condo.

Renovations & Remodeling

Finished basements, baths & kitchens add-on's or upgrading any part of your home is a big decision, don’t go at it alone. We do all the above without renovating & remodeling your budget.

Maintenance & Emergency

Proper and consistent maintenance can prevent future emergencies. Brock Mechanical offers in-home plumbing inspections and maintenance plans to reduce the need for costly emergency repairs.



  • Master Plumber License #: 8112835
  • Plumbing Contractor License #:8004454
  • Annual CEU Training
  • 3,000+ completed projects
  • ASSE International Certified


Our experienced plumbers will assess the problem, provide an accurate quote and get it done right the first time. 

Gas, Electric, or Tankless

Water Heater Installations
& Repairs

We will install to ensure all building codes and regulations are met, water pressure and temperatures are to your preferred specifications and venting to code to prevent fire hazards.  


Diagnostic & Inspections

We specialize in diagnostic & inspections. We assess the problem, provide you with a solution via a free estimate. Additional questions, just ask. We want you to understand the scope of your project.

Tub and Shower Installations

Make bathing an "experience" in your new renovated tub and shower.

Always Fast Service

Plumbing Repairs
& Maintenance

Common jobs are leaky pipe repairs, appliance installations, pressure & flow issues, and proper drainage. Let Brock Mechanical Investigating those pesky mystery leaks and keep your home humming.

Faucet Repair & Replacement

Do you have a dripping, noisy, or broken faucet, or experiencing low pressure? Our technicians can quickly determine if all you need is a repair, or if a replacement is the best course of action.

Sewage Ejection & Dewatering Pumps

Septic/Sewage Emergency

Brock Mechanical is capable of handling all wastewater emergencies.

Gas Line Services

Gas line installation, testing, leak detection, and repairs.

Delta Faucets & American Standard Toilets

Renovations & Fixture Replacement

Sometimes all you need is a new look in your kitchen or bathroom. We can simply replace fixtures, install a new toilet and sink or redesign the entire space.

Well Pumps & Tank Repair

We troubleshoot well pumps and repair tanks. This is a great service for realtors and mortgage companies to help close the deal.

Power Outage? Underground Water Issues, We can help

Sump Pump Services

A correctly installed sump pump system and back up system can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs and insurance premium increases. 


Navien Tankless Water Heater

Navien tankless water heater is perfect for small spaces, while supplying maximum energy efficiency

Delta Shower Valve

Delta shower valve installation

Bradford White Water Heater

Bradford water heater installation


New bathroom remodel

Sump Pump

No more worries about flash flooding

New Tub Liner

Tub & Shower Installation

Hot Water Heater

Hot water heater replacement

T & P Valve Failure

T-P Valve Failure

Plumbing Challenges

You may not believe us, but we love jobs like this!


Water Heater Installation


Very Professional Service


Excellent Company


Two Thumbs Up


Amazing Job with Two Projects


Plumbing Pipe Repair


Sink and Faucet Installation


New Sump Pump Install

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Why is my water heater making noise?

Well or city water can cause a build-up of scales that settles and hardens at the bottom of your water heater. This scale build-up makes popping or gurgling noises when your water heater burner fires up.




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What is the best to eliminate garbage disposal odors?

Use citrus fruits and ice to clean your disposal.


Help! My toilet fills so slowly.

Slow to fill tanks are the result of the toilets' fill valves having restricted flow, caused by sediment in the domestic water distribution pipe.

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What brand of tub and shower units do you recommend?

We recommend Kohler.

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What brand of faucets and shower valves do you recommend?

We recommend Delta.

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What brand of sump pump do you recommend?

We recommend Zoeller.

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What brand of water heater do you recommend?

We recommend Bradford White.

Water overflowing from bathtub flooding bathroom

Do you provide emergency service?

Yes, for existing customers or warranty issues.